Personal essay telling the story of a bad encounter with a protestant Christian pastor and how it turned me into an atheist.

Personal narrative piece discussing my parents' struggle with alcoholism, written back in 2018. Upon submission, my professor told me that the story was fantastic, but felt incomplete. She was correct; my mom passed away in late 2019, and my dad has since gotten sober.

Narrative journalism piece telling the story of three college students who decided to turn the South Park movie into an on-stage musical in just a few months.

Screenplay about a kid who wants to be a super-villain when he grows up and his dad who doesn't want that to happen.

Proposal argument tackling outdated undergraduate music school programs and how they could theoretically be overhauled to expose students to a wider array of styles and genres.

Analysis of the soundtrack of hit 2015 indie video game Undertale, focusing on composer Toby Fox's use of leitmotif to enhance the narrative.

Visual screenplay telling the story of an animator trying to escape his past and lack of self-confidence on a quest to make something substantial.