MML's Commentaries is home to in-depth media analysis essays and discussions. The channel's roots can be traced back to 2010, but the media analysis focus began in 2015. All videos are fully scripted, narrated, produced, and published independently.

Some topics which the channel has tackled:

OBJECTIVITY DOESN'T EXIST - A meditation on the term "objectivity" in journalistic and academic writing, and whether it even exists.

A LOVE LETTER TO THE BON APPÉTIT TEST KITCHEN - A tribute to the YouTube presence of food magazine Bon Appétit, and a discussion how they iterated on the cooking show format of old by leaning into the personality-focused approach of online video.

THOMAS & FRIENDS, AS A VIDEO EDITOR - A retrospective on classic children's show Thomas & Friends through a video production lens, discussing how the world of film and television production changed after the advent of digital video.

EMINEM, HOMOPHOBIA, AND MISOGYNY - An analysis of the discography of popular hip-hop artist Eminem with the goal of understanding the justification (or lack thereof) for his more abrasive and offensive content.

MONOPOLY IS BROKEN, AND THAT'S OKAY - A look at how Monopoly wasn't built to be fair to all players, and why its creator designed the game to be so easily exploitable.


A VIDEO ABOUT EIGHTH GRADE - A video about 2018 film "Eighth Grade" by Bo Burnham that quickly devolves into a documentation of personal insecurity and discussion of transparency and honesty online.


A promotional video for Sanofi Genzyme's "Pledge4Rare" campaign, encouraging staffers to participate in a marathon on Rare Disease Day (February 29, 2020) in order to raise awareness of the thousands of rare diseases that affect a wide portion of the global population. As Post-Production Coordinator for Sanofi Multimedia Studios, I co-edited the piece with a fellow editor, cleaned up the audio, and saw the piece through a number of revisions. Because most projects at Sanofi Multimedia Studios are internal, a substantial portion of my work cannot be shown publicly on this site.

An editorial video written and voiced by YouTube user OneHandClap which discusses the United States single-payer healthcare debate and argues in favor of Sanders' Medicare for All proposal. I edited the visuals for the entire project. The edit was originally commissioned in late 2018 but release was postponed to July 2019 for reasons personal to the creator.

A lyric video for Jon Allen's "Keep on Walking", fully designed. edited, and released in less than a week independently as part of my former position at Radikal / OK!Good / Gummybear. The London-based Jon Allen has amassed over five million Spotify plays on his own, but also is a primary songwriter for Engelbert Humperdinck's newer work, also released on OK!Good.

A video for Sanofi Genzyme made as part of my employment at The inception Company, featuring Rare Disease head Gianluca Pirozzi discuss the goals of his department. Short videos like this are standard for the studio, cut in a day with minor changes and closed captioning afterwards. Because most projects at Sanofi Multimedia Studios are internal, a substantial portion of my work cannot be shown publicly on this site.

A sizzle reel and ad for the Gummybear International brand. The ad covers the history of popular meme and internet kids icon Gummibär, perhaps best known for his namesake 2007 song and music video. As part of my position at Radikal / OK!Good / Gummybear, I had a role in the production and publication of hundreds of videos for the Gummibär brand in early 2019.

Station tag for Ithaca College's television station (ICTV), built entirely using Apple Motion 5. This clip plays at the start and end of every single night of ICTV air, starting in Fall 2018. This was my final contribution to the station after serving as Director of Web Development and editing a number of ICTV programs. Other contributions to ICTV can be seen in the ICTV section of this page.

An April Fool's joke for the Gummibär YouTube channel promoting a fake world tour, edited in less than a day. The footage from this video, filmed before my time at Radikal / OK!Good / Gummybear, would later be used in a music video I also edited in full, but I view this as the tighter edit.

A video by YouTube user OneHandClap which discusses the potential merits of Democratic Socialism. Served as head visual editor on the piece, which was shared and endorsed by Luke Savage and a few other progressive icons on social media.

Audio visualizer for Manual Riva's "What Mama Said", released through Radikal Records. Most of these visualizers were composed in After Effects, but on rarer occasions Apple Motion 5 is used instead.


Ithaca College Television (ICTV)


The Week That Was was a political news satire show focusing on both short-form news parody and long form analysis on relevant issues. The show was uploaded to every week. Starting from the show's fifth season (Fall 2017), I also edited the show and have appeared on-camera a few times as a "correspondent". Finally, I designed an entire graphics package for the show's Fall 2018 season, including a new intro, OTS and full screen graphics, and other elements, largely made in Apple Motion and Photoshop.

ICTV Reports is a monthly news magazine focusing purely on long-form content. I've served as head editor on the show since the show's inception, helping correspondents edit their packages and working with the producers on the final cut of the episode. On the show's second season I also served as a digital correspondent and produced a package for the show's social media platforms. As with other ICTV programs, the show is available on

Something Funny was an improv comedy show similar to that of the touring comedy troupe or the well-known CW show Whose Line is it Anyway? I created the show with two fellow Ithaca College students, producing season one and acting as showrunner for season two. The show still airs occasionally during ICTV airtime and is available for viewing online at

In my years at Ithaca College and on ICTV, I contributed my video editing skills to a number of shows, including but not limited to:

Assorted Video Works

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