Throughout my junior and senior years at Ithaca College I served as ICTV's Director of Web Development. Throughout my tenure I crafted a plan to rebuild the entire site from scratch using Drupal within the next academic year, reorganized a number of the digital content for the website, rebuilt a number of broken systems and pages, and wrote a 20-page handbook for future holders of the position.


For a majority of my time at Ithaca College I served as a Resident Assistant. RAs are responsible for assisting and supervising upwards of 30-60 college residents, giving advice, redirecting them to appropriate resources, and throwing events, in addition to upholding college policy.


The "station for innovation" has been rated by numerous publications as the #1 college radio station in the continental US. Most recently the station was rated #1 by the Princeton Review. 92 WICB is not only a college station, however; it is also the FM radio station in the city of Ithaca, NY with the highest listener base. The station manages all of this while being completely run and operated by students. During my entire college tenure I served as disk jockey for the station, typically taking a two-hour block on Saturday afternoons.